Founder, Artist, Necromancer

A word from OllieMan…

Founder, Artist, Necromancer

Phoenix Theory began as a basement workspace where I refinished and designed both new and used furniture. The goal was to created beautiful art that was both practical and ecologically responsible.

The upstairs then evolved into a space that welcomed all artists and served as a gallery for our core collective. A team of 2d and 3d artists now powered Phoenix Theory. Lifelong friendships and respect sparked.

Resurrection Art, as always, is good for the planet and good for my dirty soul. This new website is another testament to that. The journey is endless if you make it so. I intend to continue to make my offerings regardless of what happens and where I end up. Thank you all for the love and support, your ideas and friendship.

Art is dead,

and lives again.

– Oliver Storm Capone


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