PollyTech: Computer-Mind

Whilst rebuilding anything and everything in my life, it dawned on me. Why do I keep paying for computers that have no character,  little performance and die in 2 years. This goes against the Phoenix Theory entirely. Computer waist is a real issue. Both the material product being replaced so often (even when most of the computer is still good) and the act of ripping off the consumer because they don’t understand tech.

Pollytech takes the love and approach to PCs as Phoenix Theory does to Art and Homes. Salvaging your data and bringing it back to life in a machine that will last a very long time and is designed to be easily upgraded.  Also all PCs are one of a kind, build for both the best form and function for that individual. An expression as well as a tool. A brutal workhorse. A friend, and a gaming weapon. Whatever you need!

-OllieMan @ PollyTech

PC Gallery

PollyTech Youtube channel


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