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PollyTech: Artist Case 1#

“Silvertide” One of a kind paint effects on a new NZXT H500 Chassis. This is the first in PollyTech’s Artist case series. The case and color combo will never be reused and we hope to release more one-off designs on already great cases. The technique used here takes days of drying and leveling to achieve the correct effect. We hope you appreciate it’s beauty and consider it as a home for your next “one-of-a-kind” computer. If you need this Chassis shipped we will get back to you with shipping cost based on your location. Will be shipped safely in original packaging.




“Return of the King”

Restored furniture by Phoenix Theory This small dresser/ end table has been completely overhauled. The structure was sound but the look was dated. A semi destroyed copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Return of the King was revived to create a new finish. An amber protective coat is used and it is finished off with steampunk embellishments. Near all materials used have been salvaged or reclaimed. Local pick-up recommended


Eco resin table

Restored furniture by Phoenix Theory The wooden top of this mostly metal table was badly worn. Now the top is covered in an extremely durable epoxy and a new design. The table itself and the top surface will both last a very long time. Local Pickup in Leonia, NJ Recommended